Doc Savage

This site was created to bring together all things amalgamated.  There are numerous businesses that have 'amalgamated' in their name.  It is a goal of mine to bring the word 'superamalgamated' into modern dictionaries using a definition similar to that which I have constructed below.

The first reference to the word "superamalgamated" appears to be from the pulp fiction era series "Doc Savage" written primarily by Lester Dent.  One of Doc's four associates was William Harper Littlejohn, a noted Geologist and Archeologist with a habit of using unusually large words.  His use of "superamalgamated" was typically during an exclamation of surprise in which he say "Well, I'll be superamalgamated".

definition:  superamalgamated - to bring or combine together or with something else multiple groupings of dissimilar things to become a new whole: "Las Vegas hotels, casinos and entertainment have been superamalgamated into a single location for adult entertainment".